Title- Climate change, Land Injustice and its relationship to the loss of identity

Climate change is a global issue that affects all people, but it has a particularly devastating impact on indigenous communities. For centuries, indigenous people have lived in harmony with their natural environment, relying on the land for their survival, identity, and cultural traditions. However, climate change is altering the environment in which they live, causing […]

Climate Justice and why it matters to Indigenous Ogiek Youth

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today, and its impact is felt most acutely by indigenous communities. The Ogiek people of Kenya are one such community, whose traditional way of life is threatened by the effects of climate change. Climate justice is essential to ensure that the Ogiek youth can […]

Indigenous Youth and Climate Action

Ogiek youths are in the forefront in creating awareness to the communities at the grassroots on the importance of protecting forests and regenerating new as a way curbing the climate change effects. This possible through the songs in their local language, thus the ensuring the message is clearing received.

School Dropout

School dropouts among the Ogiek girls Author: Naomi Chelangat There has been an increase in teen pregnancies, especially during the lockdown. Reports from data managed by the government health information systems show that teen pregnancies have gone high between January-May 20201. The reports are not appealing as the results might be higher than those recorded […]

Effects of FGM

PREVALENCE AND EFFECTS OF FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION Author: Chemutai Tegeret FGM comprises all procedures involving the removal of the external female genitalia or the injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. FGM is the practice that results in multiple challenges to women and it’s a problem in not only in Kenya but also […]

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