Youths are the future generation of every society, and in that sense they must be empowered for a better future. We all agree that youths play vital roles in the society including leadership, maintaining culture and the current status of the society etc.

Despite the many roles in the society, the youth faces the many challenges which affects their growth to self-actualization. The challenges facing youths globally include; lack of employment opportunities, substance abuse, negative stereotyping, education inequality etc.  As a youth, one passes through an adolescent stage. The stage that is often fragile and need to be handled with great care since it a vulnerable time where one may develop unhealthy habits that may grow into problems in their adult life.

The situation is often worse for the Ogiek indigenous youth in Kenya, a demographic that is often coupled with marginalization, limited access to Health facilities and other social amenities such as schools, lack political representation, negative cultural practices such Female Genital Mutilation etc.

These challenges exposes the youths from Ogiek to various challenges such as early marriages, school dropouts and exposure to negative cultural practices. Tirap Youth Council believes in empowering the youths through mentor-ships, advocating for equal rights to Education, access health facilities as well as inclusion in the leadership space.

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