Indigenous communities like the Ogiek community have a deep connection to the forest (Mau Forest) and Nature. But due to the climate crisis and deforestation. The water tower is slowly reducing. Tirap Youth Trust has acknowledged this as a big problem and rehabilitated a portion of the forest. We not only plant trees but grow them. Tirap Youth Trust is closely working with Forest scouts (Logoman scouts) to ensure that the trees don’t die. We also conduct climate-related capacity building programs with the indigenous Ogiek youth and the indigenous Ogiek girls. We have trained the girls on renewable energy sources. As Tirap Youth Trust, we believe that it is important for the younger generation to understand the climate crisis so that they can emulate and act on it as they grow up. We have also taken our climate advocacy a notch higher by passing the message through traditional songs in the Ogiek indigenous language.

Tirap Youth

Tirap Youth Trust


Nyamakoroto House 2nd Floor, Room 210. Nakuru.
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